Adventures in Gardening

Green beans, black-eyed peas, corn, squash, and snow peas.   Everything except the squash is from seed, which was really cheap.

We’ve scavenged or found long sticks and pipes for bean poles.We laid down sheets of cardboard to help block the grass and weeds from coming back. 
Those cost us nothing!   

Cucumber plants! These are from seed.

Green beans, black-eyed peas, corn, and squash.  We used wood from the shed and flattened cardboard boxes to block weeds.  The bean poles are scavenged from our shed, as well.

We enclosed an area that doesn’t get used.  The fence was stretched along the diagonal, reducing the number of  t-poles we needed to find or buy.  We found one and bought two.

The middle pot has rosemary and carrots.  The yellow pot is just carrots, but it was planted the same day as the middle pot.  Carrots LOVE rosemary, apparently!