Bulk buying and supporting local business

We have a local honey farm (Hummer and Sons) that produces the most delicious honey. We support local and home based businesses whenever possible, but this really is the best honey ever.
In the grocery store, local honey is about $4.00 per pound, but it can be gotten for a lot cheaper directly from the farm.  I sent my husband down to the honey farm this week to buy a gallon of honey.  Their website offers gallons for $30.00, but a gallon of honey weighs about 12 lbs, so shipping would blow the price per pound way off.  The price at the farm for the gallon was $27.00, droping the cost to $2.25 per pound.  We saved even more money that we expected.  And we have a gallon of light spring honey. I am going to stock up on dark winter honey when it is in season.  YUM!