Connor’s fencing results

I just found that I can look at all of Connor’s fencing results online. Neat! Well, not ‘all’ – it doesn’t have the results of the Junior Olympic Championships, or the Summer Nationals, but it has all of the big Ark-La-Miss Division fencing tournaments in Shreveport and Bossier. View Connor’s Results on AskFred.netThis is a […]

Sabered Out

Connor had another really good experience at the US Fencing National Championships. They let in far fewer fencers than the Junior Olympics – I didn’t realize this was more er… “elite” or whatever. He won a bout and scored FAR More touches in each bout than he did at the JO’s, a definite improvement. There […]

Dallas Bound

We’re off – headed to the Fencing Nationals. My paycheck came through, D’s back is a little better, and it turns out Connor doesn’t need new fencing shoes or a glove afterall. WOO HOO!


Y 16 Men’s Saber Champs: Left to Right: Wesley Davis 3rd place, Coach Andy Shaw, Joseph Yates 2nd place (Silver), and….. Connor Bass 1st place (Gold) This competition was a little tougher than yesterday. 🙂 🙂 Next Stop July 3rd and 4th, Grapevine, TX for the 2009 US Fencing Summer National Championships

Silver Medalist!!

Connor entered the qualifier competition for the Summer National Championships in July, and took second place! This is his first fencing medal. He fenced ten bouts, and won each one up until the gold medal bout. He was defeated 15 to 12. It was CLOSE and a very exciting bout to watch. Left to right: […]