Things That Matter

Since the world ended yesterday (12/21/12), we are now all living in a brand new world.  That made me start thinking about things that matter: * Having clean water to drink * Having enough food to eat * Having someone to love and love you back. * Having some place safe to sleep * Having […]

Simply Oblivious by Moxie Gusto

The moment a cell phone chirps, it’s attended to no matter what else is going on. Text messages, tweets, and status updates are a steady stream of someone else’s thoughts pushing yours to the background; a constant drip of distractions that take your attention away from whatever is happening at that moment, be it dinner […]

Simple cleaners: do more with less

When we took our trip to Memphis for the fencing tournament, I knew I would be doing a load or two of laundry, so I brought a plastic bag with some of my home made laundry powder, and a small bottle of vinegar for softener. However, I didn’t remember to bring any dish soap, or […]

Grandpa’s Flag Pole Ornament

When I was a child, my family visited Grandma and Grandpa in Cumberland, MD every summer. They lived in an interesting old house on McMullen Highway. I could go on for days about how wonderful it was to be there, but for now I’ll just tell one true story. Grandpa had a flag pole in […]

Dressing Well on a Budget

Dressing well doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you stick to the basics and accessorize to fit the look you want, you won’t be spending much to look good. Start with at least three pair of solid color slacks or skirts in neutral colors like black, brown, and grey and you will have […]