Honey: A Simple Home Remedy

Honey is an excellent home-remedy and has been used for thousands of years to treat open wounds, burns, ulcers, sore throats, and dry skin. There is evidence that honey was used medicinally by ancient Egyptians and Greeks, Native Americans, and many other people all over the world. Aristotle spoke of honey as a salve for […]

Cleaning Products Made Simple by Moxie Gusto

Is the area under your kitchen sink cluttered with ten different kinds of cleaning products?  You really don’t need them. Besides, they cost too much and they’re almost all toxic.  Having a “non-toxic” house (or close to it) is pretty easy. Just stop using commercial cleaners.  You already have simple stuff that works just as […]

Laundry Update: No detergent at all!!

A few years back, I began reducing the amount of laundry soap I use by half, then by half again.  After that, I started making my own, but these days I almost never use any kind of soap or detergent in my laundry.  (WHAT??)  Yes – I said I don’t use soap or detergent in […]

Breakfast "Cake"

We’re in super-frugal mode for a few months while we pay off my dental work, so I’ve been baking a breakfast cake twice a week.  This recipe is where I started:  http://www.allrecipes.com//Recipe/baked-oatmeal-ii/Detail.aspx  – the only difference was that I used raisins instead of cranberries. I ran out of half of those ingredients, so I created this recipe using […]

Buying the freshest bread

Some bread packaging has a “best by” date stamped on them, but for all those that don’t – how do you tell how old they are?  The twist-ties are color coded to tell you what day the bread was delivered.   Monday – BlueTuesday – GreenThursday – RedFriday – WhiteSaturday – Yellow If you are […]

Homemade cleaners: simplified and still non-toxic

About a year ago I made a post about Homemade Cleaners.  It is still a good post,but these days I am all about simplifying my life so I have even fewer cleaners in my cabinet.  All I really need for general house-cleaning is vinegar and sometimes baking soda.  I still have homemade laundry soap, *commercial […]

Shampoo alternatives – yes, they work.

I quit using shampoo and conditioner, and so far I love it!! I  have very thick hair, and I’ve shampooed and conditioned every single day.  I won’t skip a day unless I’m not leaving the house at all.   That is a LOT of chemical crud I can’t even pronounce being rubbed into my scalp and […]

Denim Circle Quilt

One of many things you can do with old jeans is make a quilt. My favorite style ofdenim quilt is referred to as a “circle jeans quilt”. Circle Jeans Quilt – Here is the best “how-to” that I have ever seen. All you need is old jeans, some fabric for the “windows” and a whole […]

Spring Cleaning – treasures in the trash!

Everyone is doing their spring cleaning inside and out right now, which means that there are all kinds of  useful things on the curb just waiting for the trash truck.  There are bags upon bags of leaves and hedge trimmings that could be used to start a compost pile.  I have rescued several large plastic […]

Skillet Granola: cheap, and delicious!

Wow – I will never buy boxed cereal again!!  Skillet granola is incredibly easy and CHEAP.  I made this with just oats, honey, and butter and it is delicious!  Next time I’ll add some sesame seeds and some raisins, maybe some shredded coconut. Skillet Granola 2 Tablespoons honey2 Tablespoons butter1 cup of old fashioned oats […]