Check your receipt!

Even though every store has digital price scanning, you should always check your receipt before leaving a store. Make sure all coupons got applied correctly, and that you were charged the correct price for the things you bought. You may be very surprised at how often you find errors.

Most of my grocery shopping trips recently have included a stop by the customer service counter to get a refund for incorrect prices.I will stand in line for a refund of thirteen cents. In smaller stores, this helps ensure that someone in management knows about items ringing up incorrectly at the register.

On the average, the mistakes and incorrect prices I find only add up to a couple of dollars per shoppoing trip but I have spotted a pricing mistake that was over $20.00 more than once.

I discovered I’d been taken advantage of a few times by a dishonest cashier . She had been slyly adding cash-back to my debit purchases. I’m not sure how many times she had done that to me before I caught on, but now I wish I’d started checking my receipts sooner!

Now that I check my receipts before leaving a store, I’m a lot more aware of how much I’m spending on a day-to-day basis and often think twice before heading to the store.