Crisis Averted – We’re Going to Memphis!

Wow, what a ride!

We took our Jeep in to a local auto repair shop for diagnosis of the grinding noise issuing forth from the rear end. Long story short, some bad “expert advice”, 2 days, and $350 later we were out of money to fix the truck, and the problem still remained!

After spending a few panicked days wondering how we’d recover from having wasted our truck-repair budget, and wondering if we would be able to go to the Junior Olympics at all, someone stepped in out of the blue and offered us some help that will make this trip possible again.

A good friend loaned us his car!
That’s right. A very nice late-model Solara.
Not only is the truck repair crisis solved, but we have a vehicle that will cut our gas budget in half!

How the heck do you pay -that- forward?