Food in the pantry: Better than money in the bank?

I’ve come across this saying a few times:  “Food in the pantry is better than money in the bank.”

For a long time, I didn’t agree with it.  I thought that having money in hand (or in the bank) meant that my family was secure in case “anything happened”. In some ways, that can be true, however – you can live without everything except food, water, and shelter. 

If something catastrophic were to happen as some people are predicting with the US economy and money system – the dollars in your wallet and the bank would potentially be worth absolutely nothing, yet the food in your pantry would suddenly become an extremely valuable asset. We need only look at what happened during the Great Depression to know this is true. In any true emergency, the last thing you want is for your family to be hungry.  If your family is fed, you are free from that worry and can focus on the situation at hand. 

Don’t want for an emergency to occur to begin preparing. It is easy to build up an emergency supply of extra food. Simply buy a couple of extra cans of a sale item, or an extra bag or two of dry beans every chance you get. Don’t worry about your efforts being “too small”, just get started however you can.