Free Halloween Costumes

If you have any clothes in your closet at all, you have Halloween costumes in there too. You can also go look at thrift stores for ideas and pieces of your costume. The point is to have fun, not to spend a lot of money!

The Pugilist: Bruised / Black Eye – use red and blue or blue and yellow eyeshadow over cheekbones and jaw, and red and blue in the depressions around the eyes. Homemade Fake Blood – Mix 2/3 cup white corn syrup with 1 teaspoon red food coloring, 2-3 drops blue food coloring to darken and 1 small squirt of dish soap to make the blood a little bit runny before it dries.

Scrapes or Road-Rash – rub on some black, brown or red eyeshadow, then apply some home-made blood. Allow some dirt or brown powder to stick, then gently scrape in one direction with a plastic comb. Draw tire-marks across an old tshirt.

Concrete Shoes – Cover tissue boxes with grey paper or paint, then stick your feet inside them.

Old Man / Woman – Draw lines on your face with any makeup pencil, then dust with baby powder or face powder. Dust your hair with baby powder to make it look grey. Wear old wire-frame glasses, but push the lenses out first! Any out of style or old fashioned clothes, hats or shoes are great. For old women – wear long nylon stockings rolled down to the ankles, old fashioned flowered dress, a lace or knit shawl, or a scarf around the head. Carry stuffed cat or a very small stuffed dog. For old men – old fishing hat, slacks pulled up to armpits, bowling or saddle shoes, argyle sweater vest, bow-tie.

Rise and Shine – Rub shampoo into dry hair to create that wild just-woke-up look, or skip the shampoo and put your hair very messily into curlers. Dab some dark eyeshadow under your eyes to create “black circles”. Wear a bathrobe and slippers. Carry a teddy bear, if you like. Wear a sleeping mask on your head, like you just took it off.

Miss Universe – Wear any old formal dress from any era. Use a strip of an old sheet or some paper to create a sash on which you can write or paint Miss America, Miss New York or whatever you like. Create a silly tiara out of tinfoil and a paper plate.

Game Show Host – Wear any suit, preferably something colorful. Slick your hair back, make sure to practice your game show host smile! Have a handful of index cards in your pocket and randomly pull them out and ask people trivia questions. Say: “I’m sorry, the answer must be in the form of a question!”