Homemade cleaners: simplified and still non-toxic

About a year ago I made a post about Homemade Cleaners.  It is still a good post,but these days I am all about simplifying my life so I have even fewer cleaners in my cabinet. 

All I really need for general house-cleaning is vinegar and sometimes baking soda.  I still have homemade laundry soap, *commercial dishwasher detergent, and some bleach. That’s it. 

I clean with a disinfectant spray made up of 50/50 white vinegar and water, and a sock-rag.  The sink, stove and bathtub get scoured with baking soda.  I just don’t need anything else. 

* Note Re: commercial dishwasher detergent: I’ve tried the homemade recipes online and none of them have worked for me. You can bet that if I ever find a recipe that does work, you’ll see it here.