Laundry Update: No detergent at all!!

A few years back, I began reducing the amount of laundry soap I use by half, then by half again.  After that, I started making my own, but these days I almost never use any kind of soap or detergent in my laundry.  (WHAT??) 

Yes – I said I don’t use soap or detergent in my laundry.  It sounds crazy but it’s not necessary.  These days, I add a half cup, or sometimes a full cup of white vinegar to the wash load, and that’s it!!

I still can’t conquer static completely, so I use half of a perfume and dye-free dryer sheet if the humidity is low enough for static to be a problem. In Louisiana, most of the time the humidity is high enough that I don’t need even a half a dryer sheet.

Using white vinegar instead of detergent or soap has actually made our clothes very soft.  Our towels are more absorbent than ever.

Doing my laundry this way has had an interesting effect:  I can’t stand the feel of clothes washed with detergent and softeners!  I can feel wax on my fingers after touching clothes washed in commercial products.  The perfumes added to detergents and fabric softeners are over-powering and I much prefer unscented, unwaxed clothes now.

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