Moxie’s Coat Drive 2012

Something really cool happened this year.  I had a successful coat drive, but it wasn’t because I put in a lot of effort.  I just wasn’t able to this year.  Life happens, you know?

Rather than beat myself up about what I couldn’t do, I will rejoice in the fact that my coat drive happened almost WITHOUT ME!

Everyone who knows me, is aware that I do this every year. People were bringing me an item or two all through the year.  My “donations corner” slowly filled up.  About a month before I planned to post flyers and start advertising, a coworker gave me two huge bags full of stuff she had been saving for me.  This is now something I am known for – and hopefully next year I will have time and energy to accomplish something big.  If not, I’m still going to be happy that everyone in my life is thinking about donating coats and clothes all the time.

In a way, I’ve already accomplished something big!

It’s hard to tell from the photo below, but this is a giant box for shipping a dishwasher.


Moxie is co-Founder of the Louisiana Initiative, and a regular contributor for S.T.A.N.D.