Patch it, glue it, make it last.

Small repairs help extend the life of the things we already have and keep household expenses down.  I have a stash of buttons to replace any that get lost, and I have sewn up tears in everything from shirts to purses, and bedding.   Replacing a broken zipper isn’t too difficult, especially if you have access to a sewing machine.

I get compliments about my jeans that have a denim heart sewn onto the back.  My coworkers probably don’t know it’s a patch over a hole. They think it’s cute.  For my son’s jeans, camouflage patches work better than denim, and obviously he’d want a different shape.

Repairing shoes is fairly easily, too.  My loafers had the bottom and top split apart, and I was able to glue them back together with ‘gorilla glue’ and get a few more months out of them.

Do what you can to treat stains on clothing  – to get rid of grease stains: Apply a small amount of liquid dish soap to the grease stain, and let sit for several hours before washing.  You may have to treat stains two or three times, but this really does work.