Preparing for uncertain times

If you lost your job, wouldn’t you want to have a supply of food on hand for your family while you find another job?   Gathering an extra supply of food can be done without straining your budget.

Try the “one to use and one to store” method of slowly building up your food supply.  Stock up during sales.

Start with basic foods: dry beans and white rice, but make sure you’re storing food you will actually eat.

Protect against spoilage: Write dates on your stored food and rotate them into your every-day supply.  Restock your stored food when things go on sale. 

Store non-food necessities like toilet paper, tooth paste, baby needs, sanitary needs, etc.

Have a supply of first aid items and any medications your family needs.

If you have a small home, store food under beds, behind couches, any unused closet space.