Quit drinking soda to save money and your health: .

For health reasons as well as saving money, my family gave up drinking soda a few years ago, and switched to water and iced tea.  It took a little while for the change to take hold, but once it did, I can’t stand to drink soda any more, it all tastes terrible and I much prefer cold, filtered water, or some iced tea.

Making your own iced tea at home is cheap, and you have control over how much sugar is in it. You can replace a lot of the sugar with honey, but that will cost more unless you buy honey in bulk. 

We splurge on our favorite brand of tea which is usually not the lowest price, but even that works out to about fifty cents per gallon instead of $2.99 per two-litre or 6-pack of cans.

For road trips, we fill up an ice chest with bottles of home brewed tea and never have to buy drinks on the road.  Now that we’re traveling twice a year to attend national fencing tournaments, we’ve really got to know how to travel without spending a lot of money.