Success!! – Save Our Outreach Freezer Fund

Update December 2013:  THANK YOU!!
With your help we purchased a large, upright freezer.  The original post is below!

Help us save our outreach! We need a large, upright freezer!

We learned that Panera gives their bread away each night to charities who feed people, so we called our local store manager and asked how to get set up to pick up bread for our outreach. The manager told us she’d put us on the schedule for Friday nights. We have been picking up bread every Friday night since August, and delivering it to needy families each Saturday.

We learned two weeks ago that the manager is GONE, and she didn’t have the authority to the schedule, the NWLA Food Bank does. The Food Bank didn’t know about us and scheduled another charity who feeds people to pick up on Fridays.

We called the Food Bank and explained the situation. The Food Bank is allowing us to continue picking up bread but our day is now Monday. This presents a huge problem:

Because Panera is awesome – there are NO preservatives in their bread, so it is all spoiled before Saturday. We need a large, upright freezer so that we can store the bread from Monday to Saturday.

Without the freezer – we have to stop. The charity who is now picking up on Fridays can’t pick up on Mondays, and when it comes to feeding people, it’s not “us or them”.


Why haven’t we needed a freezer before now?

Because our outreach is on Saturday and we were picking up bread on Friday night.

Why can’t we do our outreach on Tuesday?

I work full time and am taking college classes.  We gladly gave up our Friday nights and weekends to feed people, but we are not able to keep the Friday night pickup.

Why don’t you just stop doing this?

1 in 6 people in our country isn’t getting enough to eat.   There is enough food wasted in this country to feed  way more than 1 in 6 people but it takes effort from people like me and you to make sure that everyone gets to eat. There should NEVER be anyone going hungry, it does not have to be this way.