Shampoo alternatives – yes, they work.

I quit using shampoo and conditioner, and so far I love it!!

I  have very thick hair, and I’ve shampooed and conditioned every single day.  I won’t skip a day unless I’m not leaving the house at all.   That is a LOT of chemical crud I can’t even pronounce being rubbed into my scalp and rinsing over my entire body.

Your hair is greasy the day after shampooing because the natural oils are stripped and so your scalp reacts by pumping out more oil.  Switching to a gentler hair washing routine keeps this from happening.

I tried skipping shampoo and rinsing my hair with an apple cider vinegar solution once or twice a week.  That worked pretty well and stripped off the build-up of crud in my hair but I was still shampooing most days. What I got from that was a glimpse at what my hair is like without all the crud in it – and I decided I’m going for it: no more shampoo!

Here’s what works for me:  
I rinse and gently scrub my scalp with my fingers every day, as before. Just plain water.

Every other day or so: Dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in two cups of water, and pour over my head, rubbing gently into my scalp, and rinse. It feels really nice.

Once per week or so: 
Rinse with a weak apple cider vinegar solution, then follow up with baking soda solution if necessary. Try about a tablespoon of vinegar in two cups of water, and adjust strength to your liking.

That’s it!! My hair is not greasy.  It’s soft and shiny and smells good.  I wasn’t spending much on hair products in the first place but now I’m spending only a few pennies to keep my hair clean.