tie-dye with water from black beans (free vegetable based fabric dye)

This one’s a little silly.

The water from preparing black beans always turns such a dark purple and I’ve wondered if it would make a good fabric dye. When I started making dinner last night I just grabbed a hopelessly stained shirt and tied it up with rubber bands.

This first photo is before I poured the second half of the black water in.  I let it soak for about three hours. And here is my tie-dye shirt after I rinsed and washed it.  Cute, and you can’t really find the stains any more. woo hoo!

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  1. I did it on the stove, thinking that it would need heat to "stick" at all. That second pic was after I washed and dried it the first time. It did continue to fade for the next few washings but I was still impressed with how much of the color did stick. It made this "hopelessly stained" shirt last another couple of years. The tie-dye effect still completely camouflages the

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