Patch it, glue it, make it last.

Small repairs help extend the life of the things we already have and keep household expenses down.  I have a stash of buttons to replace any that get lost, and I have sewn up tears in everything from shirts to purses, and bedding.   Replacing a broken zipper isn’t too difficult, especially if you have access […]

Track your spending

If you are having trouble making ends meet, it helps a lot to know where your money is being spent so you can make good decisions about where to cut back. You might be surprised at what you learn about your spending habits. There are a lot of ways to track spending, just use trial […]

Fun birthday cakes for cheap

I have had plenty of grocery store and bakery cakes, but I really prefer to make one at home. However, I’m not going to make one from scratch if I’m busy planning a party. I use box cake mixes and they always get rave reviews because I do something creative with them each time.Add some […]

My super cheap and low-fat secret!

I found a great secret to low-fat, satisfying meals and snacks – beans! If I hadn’t told them, my family would never know. I made delicious chocolate chip pecan cookies at Christmas this year as gifts for family. They were a HUGE hit, and they are healthy and low-fat. Instead of white flour, I used […]

Teen boy birthday party for cheap

I had a crisis on my hands recently. My son was turning 15, and throwing a “video game party” was not an option. We had a ban on video games in the house during that time. I didn’t have enough in my budget to throw a party anywhere else. A two hour bowling party was […]

Uses for old jeans

Don’t throw your old jeans in the trash. There are just too many things you can do with them. When I get a pair of jeans for my fabric stash, I cut along the seams to harvest as much fabric as possible. I save the seams that go down the outside of each leg to […]

Check your receipt!

Even though every store has digital price scanning, you should always check your receipt before leaving a store. Make sure all coupons got applied correctly, and that you were charged the correct price for the things you bought. You may be very surprised at how often you find errors. Most of my grocery shopping trips […]

Thanksgiving Holiday Table

Holiday table decor on the cheap! With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you probably already have everything you need to dress up your table laying on the ground outside. The possibilities are endless if you use your imagination combined with whatever you have on hand. Look through your cabinets for table cloths, ribbons, scrap fabric and nick-nacks […]

Brew your own fancy coffee

In one year, at an average of $4 per cup, you spend $850 to have specialty coffee at work. If you make an initial $15 investment for a good thermos and then brew a small amount of your favorite coffee at home, you can save over $700 a year. You can add cinnamon and vanilla, […]

Old Socks: Don’t Throw Them Away!

Old socks are one of the best money saving tools a thrifty person can have. Socks make great cleaning rags, polishing cloths, bleaching cloths, dusters, or just about anything else, and you can toss them in your washing machine. If you have a particularly nasty mess to clean up, just throw the sock away. Give […]