Dressing Well on a Budget

Dressing well doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you stick to the basics and accessorize to fit the look you want, you won’t be spending much to look good.

Start with at least three pair of solid color slacks or skirts in neutral colors like black, brown, and grey and you will have an easier time choosing tops that match all of your bottoms. A clearance rack dress might be a great deal, but it is a single outfit that won’t mix-and-match. Look for solid color turtlenecks or tank tops to pair with cardigans and blazers.

These basic items are the foundation of your wardrobe, so you need quality clothes that will last. Find a reasonably priced department store which carries good brands and watch for sales. Don’t shop at Low-Price-Mart for the basics because you won’t get a lot of use out of “cheap” clothes. Good quality is worth a few dollars more.

Dress up your look with scarves and jewelry found at garage sales and thrift stores. You might also find trendy clothes for a fraction of the original price. It won’t matter so much that these items are slightly worn because the style won’t last very long.