My herb plants

I am so glad that the weather is warming up.  Since it was so nice out this weekend I decided to clean up and re-pot the plants on my front porch. At the height of summer my porch was overflowing with herbs, but when winter set in, half of my plants died completely and several more died down to a stick or two. 

We had three stevia plants and thought they all died but this one is coming back!  Stevia leaves are a natural sweetener, and we used them in our iced tea and are able to cut the amount of white sugar used by half.  You can buy stevia crystals in the stores but growing your own is free!

(Before) My marjoram is starting to come back but it was scraggly and had a bunch of dead bits.

It is a lot happier now after a thorough trimming and being placed in a bigger pot. 

(Before) My rosemary plants all made it through the winter, but they are looking a bit battered.  All three of them needed bigger pots.
(After) They are much happier now and have a lot of room to grow. I don’t use a lot of rosemary in my cooking but with this much of it I’ll start!
I still need to get started with my vegetables, and there are a few other kinds of herbs I’d like to grow.  This was really just an excuse to be outside enjoying a sunny Saturday afternoon.