Thanksgiving Holiday Table

Holiday table decor on the cheap! With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you probably already have everything you need to dress up your table laying on the ground outside. The possibilities are endless if you use your imagination combined with whatever you have on hand. Look through your cabinets for table cloths, ribbons, scrap fabric and nick-nacks […]

Brew your own fancy coffee

In one year, at an average of $4 per cup, you spend $850 to have specialty coffee at work. If you make an initial $15 investment for a good thermos and then brew a small amount of your favorite coffee at home, you can save over $700 a year. You can add cinnamon and vanilla, […]

Old Socks: Don’t Throw Them Away!

Old socks are one of the best money saving tools a thrifty person can have. Socks make great cleaning rags, polishing cloths, bleaching cloths, dusters, or just about anything else, and you can toss them in your washing machine. If you have a particularly nasty mess to clean up, just throw the sock away. Give […]

Free Halloween Costumes

If you have any clothes in your closet at all, you have Halloween costumes in there too. You can also go look at thrift stores for ideas and pieces of your costume. The point is to have fun, not to spend a lot of money! The Pugilist: Bruised / Black Eye – use red and […]

Home Made Cleaners

Home made cleaners: safe, effective, and extremely cheap!! Most household cleaners are harsh and toxic. They can become extremely poisonous when mixed together. There is a much better way! Commercial cleaners average about $3 per bottle, but you can make your own safe cleaners for $.03 to $.30 per bottle. You can get as fancy […]

Zero Spending Challenge

Issue a “Zero Spending Challenge” to your family to find ways to use what you already have and avoid any extra shopping trips as long as possible. This works very well for people who get paid once or twice per month. Plan your meals around the items you already have in your pantry, get creative […]

Stop Electricity Leaks

Many devices in your home use a small amount of electricity even when they are turned off. Your VCR and microwave draw power continuously for the time display. Does your coffee maker have a clock or a timer? Go around your home and make a list of the devices or appliances that have a clock […]

Coupons: Saving Money or Impulse Buying?

When you use coupons, are you buying more just for the bargain? Before you start looking through the coupon insert in the newspaper, do you make out your grocery list? Are you scanning only for coupons that can be used for the items on your list? My Grandmother taught me that coupons get you looking […]

Go Shopping in Your Closet

At the start of every school year, it is a good idea to search through your closets and drawers before doing any shopping. You will find all kinds of items you had tucked away for various reasons, and your kids likely have all kinds of clothes under the toys piled up in the bottom of […]

Quality Tools for Every-Day Jobs

When you need to spend money on household items, don’t simply pick up the cheapest thing you can find. You can pick up a set of ‘cheap’ cookware for $20 at a discount store, but you’re going to spend more in the long run. Cheap pans are thin, easily bendable, and the non-stick coating begins […]

Line drying lowers utility bills

Ok… who likes line-dried laundry? Almost nobody, however you can’t ignore how much money it can save you. Hang your wet clothes on a line outside, or over your shower curtain rod until they are just damp, then tumble for a short time with low heat to “fluff” them up and finish drying. You’ll notice […]

Get a Library Card

If you have kids, get each of them a library card. Almost all public libraries have a DVD / VHS section filled with movies, categorized by rating or age levels, which can be borrowed for free. They won’t have a lot of new releases but you will find plenty of classics, entire seasons of television […]