Free Halloween Costumes

If you have any clothes in your closet at all, you have Halloween costumes in there too. You can also go look at thrift stores for ideas and pieces of your costume. The point is to have fun, not to spend a lot of money! The Pugilist: Bruised / Black Eye – use red and […]

Home Made Cleaners

Home made cleaners: safe, effective, and extremely cheap!! Most household cleaners are harsh and toxic. They can become extremely poisonous when mixed together. There is a much better way! Commercial cleaners average about $3 per bottle, but you can make your own safe cleaners for $.03 to $.30 per bottle. You can get as fancy […]

Go Shopping in Your Closet

At the start of every school year, it is a good idea to search through your closets and drawers before doing any shopping. You will find all kinds of items you had tucked away for various reasons, and your kids likely have all kinds of clothes under the toys piled up in the bottom of […]

Quality Tools for Every-Day Jobs

When you need to spend money on household items, don’t simply pick up the cheapest thing you can find. You can pick up a set of ‘cheap’ cookware for $20 at a discount store, but you’re going to spend more in the long run. Cheap pans are thin, easily bendable, and the non-stick coating begins […]

Line drying lowers utility bills

Ok… who likes line-dried laundry? Almost nobody, however you can’t ignore how much money it can save you. Hang your wet clothes on a line outside, or over your shower curtain rod until they are just damp, then tumble for a short time with low heat to “fluff” them up and finish drying. You’ll notice […]

Get a Library Card

If you have kids, get each of them a library card. Almost all public libraries have a DVD / VHS section filled with movies, categorized by rating or age levels, which can be borrowed for free. They won’t have a lot of new releases but you will find plenty of classics, entire seasons of television […]

Reusable Packaging

When you are comparing prices in the grocery store, also take a good look at item packaging. Can you reuse the container? Will it stand up to repeated use? How many different ways can you put it to use? But don’t forget to take into account whether or not you have room to store a […]

Free Summer Fun: Water Painting

Have you run out of sidewalk chalk? Don’t set foot inside a store… if you’re like me you’ll be tempted to pick up all kinds of goodies for the kids. Instead, give them a bucket of water and some paintbrushes to “paint” the sidewalk. or driveway. You can let them stamp the sidewalk with sponges, […]

Lowering Laundry Costs

Cut the amount of soap you use down to 1/3 of the recommended amount. Chances are you’ve been using too much detergent all along. Try running a regular load with no soap – you will see suds. Wash without detergent again, and you will still see suds! Add 1/4 cup white vinegar to the rinse […]