More garden pics

We bought two blueberry bushes for $9.00 each, and they are already putting off blueberries.  We have seven tomato plants – this one is “husky” cherry tomato! Cucumber in the back, several different kinds of basil, oregano, dill and an un-identified shrub.

Adventures in Gardening

Green beans, black-eyed peas, corn, squash, and snow peas.   Everything except the squash is from seed, which was really cheap. We’ve scavenged or found long sticks and pipes for bean poles.We laid down sheets of cardboard to help block the grass and weeds from coming back.  Those cost us nothing!    Cucumber plants! These are […]

Frugal gardening tips

Before you buy plants, look closely at how many plants there are in the pot.  Sometimes you can find up to four or five plants in a single pot, for the same price as a pot that has only one plant.  Use a sharp knife to cut the roots, rather than tearing them apart.  A […]

Grow your own sprouts: cheap fresh veggies

I love bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts on salads and sandwiches, but I am not going to pay $3 – $5 per package for them.  Right now I’m sprouting things I already have on hand: wheat and lentils, which are almost ready to eat. I think sprouted lentils are my new favorite food. Growing sprouts […]

My plants update 3/13/10

My marjoram is hanging in there and starting to spread out and grow a bit.  All three rosemary plants almost doubled in size over the week. Growing your own fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs does not have to be costly.  If you have your own compost pile, you have a renewable source of gardening soil.  […]