Air Fryer Chicken Thighs

Boneless Skinless Thighs:
8 to 10 chicken thighs – boneless and skinless
2 to 3 cups of crushed pork rinds
4 – 6 TBSP coconut flour 
2 large eggs
Salt, pepper, garlic powder.  (or Tony’s and pepper)

Coat thighs in egg, shake off excess,  then roll in crumbs. 
Cook in air fryer @  360 for 28 minutes total (flip twice):
Cook for 18 minutes, then flip. 
Cook for 8 more minutes, then flip again.
Cook 2 more minutes

AF chicken thighs bone in skin on

Pull chicken out of fridge about 1 hour ahead to warm slightly.
Pat both sides dry with paper towels.
Brush both sides lightly with olive oil.
Sprinkle all over with salt and pepper.
Place thighs in fryer basket.
Set air fryer to 390 for a total of 22 minutes.

  • After 12 minutes, flip chicken over.
  • Cook 6 minutes more then flip again.
  • Cook for the final 4 minutes.

** I set the air fryer for the whole time and use my stove timer for the flip times.  The fryer pauses when you open the drawer.